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Srisalam Temple Darshan 4.5

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Srisailam, the house Siva and Shakti, is situated in a delightful encompassing of Nallamalia slopes on the correct side of krishna stream, in kurnool area of Andhra pradesh. It is geologically set apart at an elevation of 476 meters over the ocean level.


The directing gods of this sanctuary are great Mallikarjuna Swam y and goddess Bhramaramba Devi. Mallikarjuna Swamy is viewed as one of the twelve jyothirilngas and Bhramaramba Devi is respected as on of the eighteen Mahasakthis. Both are accepted to act naturally showed divinities.


The presence of Jyothirilngam and Mahasakthi in one sanctuary complex is an exceptionally uncommon component and that is the uniqueness of this sanctuary.


Here, the Krishna waterway moves through a profound thin valley, a width of around 100 meters and at 1000 meters underneath the slope top. The Krishna stream streams in the valley covering a separation of 70 km to the upper piece of Srisailam and a separation of 80 km to the down, till it achieves Nagarjunasagar. It is dazzling to watch the thin stream of the waterway through the profound valley, which looks extremely alluring close Srisailam, and here it is called as Pathalaganga. Here, the stream takes two rehashed twists with a short separation and in each curve it makes an extensive extend of high level.



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