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Golden Temple Sarai Rooms 4.5

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India is an old country. One of the advantages of being the old country is that India has a number of holiest sites and cultural people. Among one of the most outstanding sites in India that have made the impact in India is GOLDEN TEMPLE. This is also called as “Darbar Sahib”, and it is one of the oldest places of worship for Sikh people. It is located in Amritsar, Punjab.


The entire temple is made up of pure Gold. The Golden temple is surrounded by a lake, that is known as “pool of nectar”.  There is a marble walkway surrounding of the temple that is known as Guru’s Bridge which covers the closest area of the temple. Another feature of the golden temple is the dining hall, that is called as “Guru-Ka-Langar”. It is also famous for the celebrations of Sikh. The main festival is celebrated in the temple is Vaishakhi. It held in the second week of April. People can go shopping after visiting the temple. There are lots of shops are present there. The local shops offer woodcarvings, woolen clothes, and so on. The interesting fact about this temple is in the early nineteenth century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh secured the Punjab region by 750 kilograms of gold on the upper floor of gurudwara from outside attack and nowadays that gurudwara is called as “GOLDEN TEMPLE”.

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